Elixir Tube 35ml (12 cm)

ISO 22000
Elixir Tube 35ml

Elixir Tube 35ml (12 cm)

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LBP 4,500

Pieces / Pack:   12

Pieces / Carton:   576

Size:   ∅ 2.2 cm x H 13.5

Capacity:   35 ml

Material:  Recyclable Plastic (PS)

Dishwasher Unsafe

Non Microwavable

Food Safe





These premium quality plastic verrines truly enhance the aesthetics of your creations and buffet presentations. They are recyclable, BPA free, food-safe disposable serving vessels that can be used for indoor and outdoor catering, openings, receptions, pool-side or boat parties, weddings…

The Elixir Tube 35ml are perfect for drinks, desserts, appetizers, amuse-bouche and other culinary treats.

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Weight 6.6 g
Dimensions 51.5 × 29 × 27 cm
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